My name is Irma and i am a trained and certified Ayurvedic master practitioner and therapist .Certified NLP MASTER Coach / practitioner and Life coach.

I have been involved in personal growth work and Ayurveda world for many years and result of that is my company “Ayurveda Center Ganesh”
I have an holistic approach which sees everyone as a unique individual.
Because I am an integrative counsellor ( Ayurveda – NLP – Life coaching ) I use a range of techniques and during the assessment we can work together to find out what is best for you as an individual to help you move through your challenges.

I actually think it is valuable for everyone to be able to get this knowledge, so that we make better choices for a better balance in your life.

Take good care of your body. It is your means of transport in life and without maintenance the journey becomes a lot more unpleasant.


Imagine if you could change your life in a matter of hours ..
Why wouldn’t you?

Do you feel as though you live behind a mask of happiness and contentment when that isn’t how you feel inside?

Sometimes we get stuck in a life and that isn’t giving us everything that we would like.

You’ve been doing it for years and so you don’t notice that it isn’t really making you happy.

One day you turn around and there it is. Your life all in place but it isn’t making you happy anyway .

Not living true to ourselves is hard work and very draining.

Is there something within yourself or your life that YOU would like to change? Maybe you don’t know how to make the change, or don’t feel you have the strength to do it alone. Maybe you don’t even know WHAT is wrong and so don’t know what needs changing.

Are you experiencing some of these things? Are you looking for help but feel you don’t know who to turn to?

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