At the heart of Ayurveda is its concept of the three Doshas, or the three different basic types of human constitution. From ether and air comes Vata; from fire and an aspect of water comes Pitta; and from water and
earth comes Kapha. By the elements and Doshas, we determine the basic
nature of different individuals. and we establish a line of treatment unique
to their needs.
The three Doshas can be recognized by their attributes:
Vata is dry,cold, light, mobile, subtle, hard, rough, changeable and clear. It is the most
powerhul ot the Doshas, being the life-force itselt, the strongest to create
disease. It governs all movement, and carries both Pitta and Kapha.
Pitta is hot, light, fluid, subtle, sharp, malodorous, soft and clear. It
governs heat, temperature and all chemical reactions.
Kapha is cold, vet, heavy,slow, dull, static, smooth, dense and cloudy. It maintains substance, weight and coherence in the body.

Vata, in its natural state, maintains energy of will, inhalation, exaltation , movement, the discharge of impulses, equilibrium of the tissues,
acuity of the senses. When aggravated, it causes dryness, dark discolorations, desire for warmth, tremors, abdominal distention, constipation, loss
of strength, insomnia, loss of sensory acuity, incoherency of speech, and fatigue
Pitta, in its normal state, is responsible for digestion, heat, visual perception, hunger, thirst, lustre of skin, intelligence, determination, courage,
and softness of the body. When aggravated, it causes yellow discoloration
of urine, feces, eyes and skin, and may create hunger, thirst, burning sensations and difficulty in sleeping.
Kapha, in its normal state, is responsible for firmness and stability,
maintenance of bodily fluids, lubrication of joints, and such positive emotions as peace, love and forgiveness. When aggravated, it produces loss of
digestive power, accumulation of phlegm and mucus, exhaustion, feeling
of heaviness, pallor, cold sensations, looseness of limbs, difficulty of breathing, coughing and excessive desire for sleeping
Vata dwells in the colon, hips, thighs, ears, bones and sense of touch.
Its main site is the colon where it accumulates, causes disease, and from which it can be expelled directly from the body.
Pitta dwells in the small intestine, stomach, sweat, sebum, blood, plasma, and sense of sight. Its main location is the small intestine where it accumulates, and from which it can be directly expelled from the body.
Kapha dwells in the chest, throat, head, pancreas, ribs, stomach, plasma, tat, nose, and tongue. Its main site is the stomach where it accumulates and causes disease, and from which it can be directly expelled
from the body.